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Taking good care of footwear and leather articles.
​Many people today,  especially men, do not take good care of their footwear.  By this I mean, peoples shoes or boots are not polished or the heels are rundown. Soles have  holes in them. Men and women should ask how to extend the life of their footwear. Heel guards is a start. You may ask about protective soling on a new shoe or boot or a shoe or boot that has little wear on the sole. Men and women should make it a habit to put shoe trees in their shoes. Shoe trees keep the shape of a shoe. Very few people that I see keep shoe trees in their shoes. In this area we have snow in the winter and people walk in salt that is on the sidewalk or in the street. If salt is left on the shoe or boot, heavy damage can be done to the leather. Plain saddle soap and water will not get rid of the salt. You have to use salt stain remover to neutralize the salt.  Otherwise it will keep coming through the leather and ruin the shoe. There are also various water repellents that can be used to help footwear repel water.

Men and women should keep their shoes polished. Women should take care of their leather purses. 
Most polish is good, but some people prefer different brands. I use all of the brands. Leathers are different. Most smooth leather shine to a high gloss if, the leather is not treated with mink oil or other types of water repellent. I always shine smooth leather to a "spit shine". Grainy or leather with a texture will shine nicely, but not as shiney as smooth leather.

At Porter's Shoe Repair we give the best shine in Medina and Summit County. Bring your shoes or other  articles in for cleaning and shining.